“a perpetual state of cloudiness” is a site specific, multi-sensory, interactive installation created while in residence at Longboat Key Center for the Arts, Longboat Key, Florida. The residency was offered to artists in the collective SARTQ for September and October 2015. “a perpetual state of cloudiness” was on view to the public until October 30, 2015.

In Florida, we live in a perpetual state of cloudiness. Water vapor clings to our skin, fills our lungs, and moistens our lips. Clouds fill the sky in varying forms, provide us with shade, and warn us of imminent storms.

Yet, clouds are deceitful. They are not the fluffy balls of white seen delicately painted into mythological artworks. They are cold-water vapor, clinging to miniscule particles floating through the sky. They are immensely heavy, suspended in the air, as though weightless.

As humans, clouds are difficult to truly understand, as they are difficult to experience. When thinking of clouds, the mind immediately provides a visual representation- perhaps it is a cartoon shaped cumulus or a wisp of a cirrus- but what tactile association do we have with clouds? Are clouds fluffy and dense, wet and cold? How does one experience a cloud? What does a cloud feel like?

a perpetual state of cloudiness is a multi-sensory installation that attempts to create an environment that humans can not otherwise experience. Enter into the installation; breathe deeply the scent of water evaporating off hot cement. Lie down, and gaze into a sea of clouds. Walk slowly, feeling a cool breeze that warns of afternoon showers. Close your eyes, and listen to the sounds of a Florida rainstorm. Take your time; experience all that a Florida cloudscape has to offer.

Paintings on view:

Cotton Candy Clouds Acrylic on canvas 68" x 56" 2015
Cotton Candy Clouds
Acrylic on canvas
68″ x 56″

Installation view of, ‘a perpetual state of cloudiness’. SARTQ 2015 residency at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts which took place, August – October 30, 2015. For more information visit: http://sartq.org.

For information about the exhibit, visit http://sartq.org/key-influence/

Natalya Swanson