Bust of a Women (example project)

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Emergency Preparedness Resources

What does it mean for a cultural heritage institution to be prepared for an emergency? Where does one find the recourses to establish a plan? Who does this research and preparatory work? At Winterthur, the Preventive Conservation staff handles recovery situations and teaches students preparedness techniques. Since each institution is unique, the emergency plan, sometimes Read More >

FEMA National Incident Management System

FEMA National Incident Management System (NIMS) is intended for community use, including local, state, tribal, and government organizations, as well as individuals families and communities. NIMS aims to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from incidents. They offer resources to achieve a “safe and resilient nation.” The NIMS guide is for helping all Read More >

Cindy Sherman: A Play of Selves. A collaborate approach to conservation

Article by Ackerman, Mustardo, Murato, Cole IIC 2017 LA Congress Preprints Conservation of Sherman’s A Play At Selves which is comprised of 244 framed DOP and RC paper doll-like prints. The article focuses on the interplay of the conservators (The Better Image) with the concerns of the loving artist, her gallery, her printed, and the Read More >

A colored past

Today was full of reading and writing- a real treat. One of my favorite articles was about Ancient Greek and Roman polychrome statues. Their characteristic whiteness, largely thanks to J. J. Winckelmann the founder of scientific archaeology, who saw the trace colors on sculptures from antiquity but assigned them to cultures other than Greece/Rome. From Read More >

The News

Prompted by a conversation with a colleague about Facebook and the congressional hearings with Mark Zuckerberg, today’s reading log post regards staying current with social and political happenings. We both agreed that finding the time to fit in reading or listening to the news is difficult. As graduate students, it is easy for us to Read More >

Conservation Report Writing

Today the only thing I read was my own writing. What I learned is that editing takes time, time that I don’t always have as a graduate student with deadlines that come in faster than I can write them in my planner. My goals for the future are to write more succinctly the during the Read More >

Reading Log: Part I

This is a test for a new idea I have, partially inspired by Tyra Banks, mainly a means of motivating myself to read more and write better. The goal is to write about one article per day. Maybe just an abstract or news, but hopefully something relatively interesting.

Graduate School Blocks

As a first year graduate fellow in the Winterthur/University of Delaware program in Art Conservation (WUDPAC) I am required to complete courses in all major areas of conservation. At Winterthur/UDel we call these classes “blocks”. Each block is approximately 2-5 weeks long and includes an introduction to historic techniques and major conservation concerns. Block instructors Read More >

February Ringling Underground: Artist Statements

For the February 2016 Ringling Underground, I wanted to focus on contemporary Florida artists exploring the medium of clay. Ceramics are sorely underrepresented in the contemporary art scene, as many cling to outdated beliefs that ceramic art falls into the category of craft. Artists Jenn Ryann Miller, Sharon Norwood, and Cheyenne Rudolph are challenging these beliefs by Read More >