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Inpainting Bust of a Woman (Cleveland Museum of Art). Image courtesy of Philip Brutz

I am a Graduate Fellow in objects conservation pursuing a Masters of Science at the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation (WUDPAC). I received my Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of South Florida in 2014 and an Associate of Arts from the State College of Florida in 2011.

Before my graduate studies, I worked in private practice and museum conservation labs in Florida, Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C conserving inorganic and organic objects, paintings and polychrome sculpture, architectural surfaces, outdoor sculpture, textiles, and gilded surfaces. In 2016, I began working as a Project Manager and Conservation Technician at Conservation Solutions, Inc. (CSI) a Washington, D.C. based firm specializing in the conservation-restoration of outdoor sculpture, architecture, and painted surfaces. I treated artifacts at the National Air and Space Museum, U.S. Library of Congress, Kennedy Space Center, The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. I also worked as a Research Intern for the University of Delaware to contribute to MITRA.


Hot waxing the Court of Neptune fountain at the Library of Congress. Image courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol.

Within objects conservation, I am focusing my graduate studies in modern and contemporary art. As a first year fellow, I gained a foundation in conservation philosophy and chemistry of material specializations. During my second year, I am treating inorganic and organic objects and taking coursework in scientific, archival, and analytical research, cleaning theory and practice, and preventive conservation.

Last summer, I interned at the Cleveland Museum of Art where I conserved a 16th century Italian maiolica portrait bust; carried out preventive maintenance on Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors exhibition; researched artworks by modern and contemporary artists Kenneth Snelson and Pascal Marthine Tayou; and contributed to the Getty APPEAR study by researching two ancient Roman-Egyptian funerary portraits.

Cleaning Phalli's Field during installation. Image courtesy of Celine Wachsmuth.

To supplement my graduate studies, I am participating in a collaboration between the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation (WUDPAC), the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), Voices in Contemporary Art (VoCA), and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation (RRF). The focus of my research is investigating the materials and methods employed by Robert Rauschenberg in the Borealis metal paintings series (1988-92). The collaboration will culminate in a 10-week summer internship at the RRF in 2019.

My current research interests include interventive treatment options for synthetic and semi-synthetic materials and how accepted philosophical distinctions within the field of conservation are adapted for unconventional specializations (e.g. contemporary art conservation and preventive conservation). I am committed to advocacy and outreach and am passionate about conservation philosophy.