In the first episode of the season, we welcome Henry McGhie, bird ecologist, former head of the Manchester Museum’s curatorial team, and principal of the consultancy Curating Tomorrow, to discuss sustainability, climate change, and taking action in museum/cultural heritage spaces. Henry was a participant in helping to form the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and has written extensively on achieving sustainability in museums. Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals Guide is one such FREE resource.

I took away so much from this conversation with Henry, most importantly how much agency I have in my everyday decisions. Human-induced climate change is an international crisis, and it can feel overwhelming, intimidating, and -a whole other host of negative emotions- to try and comprehend it, let alone try and combat it. Henry’s message is that change will come when we all accept that sustainability, equity, and compassion are mindsets. For when we realize this, we realize that widespread change will happen on an individual level.

Natalya Swanson