In the fifth episode of the season, we share excerpts of our candid conversation with Kate Fugett, Objects Conservator at the American Museum of Natural History, about the coalition of conservation, collection, and museum professionals she is actively forming. We discuss a broad range of topics related to community engagement and share practical advice gained from our personal experiences attempting to enact change at our respective institutions. 

Emma and I had such a fabulous time speaking with Kate- which is saying a lot considering that we spoke about three overlapping crisis: the slow-moving climate crisis, systemic racism, and COVID pandemic. She too is energized about Henry’s message of agency, and has already begun to create changes at her institution and within the lab. Specifically, we talk about leveraging our positions as consumers within a capitalist, corporatist society; the changing role of museums in contemporary society; and how graduate conservation programs must begin to facilitate and lead these conversations moving forward.

If you are interested in joining Kate in her goal to create a more sustainable and equitable future, please get in contact with her at Kate.Fugett [ @ ]

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