Equality Gallery posterThe Harvey Milk Festival Equality Gallery will be on view at the HuB in Sarasota, Florida from May 15 – May 29, 2015. An opening reception will take place on May 15 from 7:00pm – 11:00pm. Visitors to the gallery will experience two- and three-dimensional artworks exploring themes of identity, sexuality, and the queer movement. The Equality Gallery is curated by Natalya Swanson, Gallery Director, and Amanda Farrell.

Exhibiting artists include:

  • Kelly Boehmer
  • Rob Demperio
  • Ella Dizdarevic
  • Zach Gilliland
  • Ailen Gorrita
  • Keith Losh
  • Daniel Miller
  • Matthew Pecson
  • Leslie Reed
  • Alex Reynoso
  • Kale Roberts
  • Tom Ruthz
  • Tyler Staggs
  • John Suarez
  • Natalya Swanson
  • Susan Vertich
  • Joni Younkins-Herzog
Natalya Swanson