The Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation (WUDPAC) is a graduate-level program jointly sponsored by the University of Delaware and Winterthur Museum. It is a three-year course leading to a Master of Science in Art Conservation. The curriculum is designed to educate and train conservation professionals to carry out the examination, analysis, stabilization and treatment of art and artifacts, speak to general principles of collection care, and have a broad academic background in science and the humanities. 

At WUDPAC, I completed coursework in all material specializations, including Preventive Conseration, but dedicated my second year of study to the preservation of three-dimensional cultural heritage (Objects) and Contemporary Art. Project supervisors included Lauren Fair, Lara Kaplan, Laura Mina, Melissa Tedone, Dr. Joelle Wickens, and Dr. Rosie Grayburn.

As a Fellow, I received over $10,000 in supplemental grants to conduct research travel; presented with Jennifer Myers at the Association of North American Graduate Program in Conservation (ANAGPIC) conference; produced teaching didactics for the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage; and was a student member of Sustainability in Conservation. I completed on-site training at the Cleveland Museum of Art (2018), Robert Rauschenberg/Voices in Contemporary Art (2019), University of Amsterdam (2019), and the Brooklyn Museum (2019-present).

Students outside Winterthur / University of Delaware
Class of 2020 photographed by Jim Schneck
Natalya Swanson