Moving away from my hometown did not just mean leaving behind the familiarities of everyday life, it meant leaving behind a community of family and friends that affected various aspects of my day to day life. These people were sources of comfort, to share food and time with, to talk about art and literature with, to provide insight and honesty when it was most needed. Now that we are not in driving distance of each other, I realize how much they impacted my life. In an effort to keep these relationships alive, I am writing letters full of stories and worries and all the things I would have shared over a drink in my Florida studio. “Stardust” is a collaborative painted print by Daniel Miller and myself that address the oneness of all people and things. The text is an excerpt of a quote by Astrophysicist and Smithsonian badass, Neil deGrasse Tyson; the quote is divided into ten sections and disseminated to friends across the US and U.K. A recording of me reading the quote can be heard here.


Natalya Swanson