Moderated by Emma Hartman, Digital Platforms Co-Officer, ECPN’s Fall webinar facilitated a dialogue about the various roles an emerging conservation professional (ECP) may occupy within the conservation profession, and how AIC and ECPN can function as both a professional resource and a support community.

Speakers Anisha Gupta and Leslie Gat discussed challenging, but commonly encountered, workplace scenarios ECPs may face; from increased employment transparency to the situations unique to working in a small private practice to effectively communicating expectations with your employer. The speakers highlighted resources and tools that ECPs may find helpful in these situations and provide insight into addressing matters in different contexts, both within and outside institutional settings. Through this discussion, we aim to empower and inform any ECPs currently navigating an ambiguous or challenging situation. 

Leading up to the webinar, we shared a variety of resources through our Facebook page and ECPN Member Community pages, with the aim of inspiring members to have their own discussions amongst colleagues, and submit reflections for our speakers to comment on during the webinar. 

Natalya Swanson