Publications and Presentations

FORTHCOMING: “Proposing the personal: centering vulnerability and transparency in how conservators communicate” co-author with Celeste Mahoney for a chapter in Ethical Conservation and Collections Care: Prioritizing People in Decision-Making and Practice, edited by Nina Owczarek Herrera, estimated publish date 2023 “Rarely Either/Or: Advocacy from Internal and External Sources” (toolkit created by M. Schindler) Co-presenter in Read More >

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Reflections on Documenting Reflectivity

This research project investigates documentation practices for Robert Rauschenberg’s metal paintings with reflective or mirror-like surfaces. In these series, Rauschenberg used metal sheets as substrates for paintings, pushing the boundaries of traditional painting through the use of artificially-induced “tarnishes” created with chemical patinating solutions and polyurethane “resists.” The artworks are visually active as their reflective Read More >

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Analysis of Copperhead Varnish Coatings

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Recovering transparency. Repairing scratches and chips on PMMA surfaces

This workshop, taught by Anna Lagana, and offered at Future Talks 019 in Munich, gave
participants the opportunity to practice these treatment options on damaged transparent PMMA samples as well as on face-mounted photographs.

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Interviews in Conservation Research at the University of Amsterdam

In October 2019, I worked in the staff offices at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) to grow my understanding of contemporary conservation theory and assist Dr. Sanneke Stigter on her ongoing Interviews in Conservation Research project…

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Getty APPEAR Project Ancient Panel Paintings: Examination, Analysis, and Research
Natalya Swanson