Public Opening Reception: Saturday, August 15: 6-9PM
1525 State St., Sarasota, FL

The greatest challenge in curating this exhibition is perhaps also the greatest strength of SaRtQ: the collective’s diversity of artists and their practices. Collectives often assemble with extremely like-minded artists, forming groups that are homogenous to a fault. However, SaRtQ offers diverse perspectives on a wide spectrum of concerns that is as rare as it is intentional. The group seems to work with the understanding that the disparate art practices are not antithetical to each other, but rather, work toward piecing together a fuller picture of contemporary art making. For example, throughout the gallery, ideas of home, self and family contrast against more formal concerns such as form, figure and composition; all of this expressed in nearly every major medium.

Thus, neatly summing up the exhibition within a single specific theme would be impossible or at least forced. However, with an earnest look through the gallery, aesthetic echoes do emerge between artists. Often unexpected pieces engage in visual conversation with each other, yielding a group exhibition that is consequently something more than simply the sum of its artwork. I think this speaks to one thing that is found flowing through all members of the group: a contemporary sensibility. The artwork is a reflection of each artist’s singular here and now, a highly individuated but relatable survey of what it means to make and experience art in this peculiar time.

Danny Olda, Curator

Natalya Swanson